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Saint Audio Selects: All Hallows’ Eve, Part 2

It’s almost time for Halloweekend, and what better way to celebrate than with spine-tingling tunes? This week’s additions to the All Hallow’s Eve collaborative playlist come from Editor in Chief Staley Sharples.

“Scream” – Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson
Everyone always puts “Thriller” on their Halloween playlists, so I decided to show another spooky Jackson song some love. 
“Wicked” – Future 
“Sad Sniper” – Deadboy
I tend to be most haunted by the atmospherics of a song, and there’s a misty, foreboding quality that’s a little bit chilling in “Sad Sniper”.
“Distrust (feat. Denzel Curry, J.K. The Reaper, and Nell)” – Lunice
A Halloween-appropriate banger. Shoutout to the Sleepy Hollow reference.
“Dungeonmaster” – Salva
“Vision” – L-Vis 1990 and Sinjin Hawke

About halfway through, this song does a total 180 and it’s like a club track spawned from the depths of Hell.
“Close Your Eyes” – Brian McOmber
Much like Clint Mansell’s Moon soundtrack, McOmber’s heavy, low-frequency synths amplify a nauseating sense of unease—perfect for a movie like It Comes At Night.
“Changes (James Blake Harmonimix)” – Mala, James Blake 
“Lonely Blue” – King Krule
For whatever reason, I just imagine a very bummed out ghost singing this to himself in the house he died in.
“The House” – Fernando Velazquez
From a song that I envision being sung by a ghost to a soundtrack from a movie about ghosts. It all connects! 
“Witches” – Daughter 
“Man In The Box” – Alice In Chains 

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