Essentials: “Ocean’s Floor” – Elisa Rose

Remember how intense everything felt when you loved that first person? Like they were your sun, moon, stars, and more? Elisa Rose‘s elastic, solemn voice captures the essence of those feelings, her buoyant lilt rippling the surface of the tranquil acoustic guitar that plays throughout “Ocean’s Floor”. Rose explains that she “wrote “Ocean’s Floor” when I was 17 years old and falling deeply in love for the first time. It spoke to my experience of wanting to share all of myself with my beloved; to journey into the depths of intimacy with him. The lyric, “…the more that you love, the more that you must let go…” came to me when I contemplated the reality that our relationship would ceaselessly change and ultimately dissolve back into the great mystery. With the sincerity of my love for him came an understanding to continually let go of my expectations of him in order to see who he truly was.”

The visuals for “Ocean’s Floor,” imagined by Javiera Estrada, are stunningly beautiful; Elisa Rose looks like a mermaid come to shore in two unique costumes designed by Lily Blue Goschen. Reflective of the natural setting in the video, Rose and Goschen used bottle caps to make these dresses, in an attempt to illuminate the glaring issue of garbage in our oceans. They hope that seeing the dresses inspires others to recycle their waste (only 1-2 % is recycled), and create art with recycled materials.

Check out “Ocean’s Floor” on Spotify, and keep up with Elisa Rose on Facebook.

Image: Mariana Schulze

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