Essentials: “Wishlist” – Kiiara

When she first came onto the music scene, Kiiara was a relatively unknown artist that uploaded “Gold” on a Soundcloud page in 2015. Due to her success with “Gold”, the Illinois-based vocalist signed with Atlantic Records and released her debut EP low kii savage in 2016. As a departure from her iconic sound, she is back with her latest effort in “Wishlist,” showcasing her versatility as a pop artist. Felix Snow provides the perfect base for Kiiara’s vocals with a 2-step rhythm and orchestral sounds such as piano and strings. Kiiara’s lush tones are highlighted in the pre-chorus with colorful comparisons of what Kiiara offers to a potential love interest. Her songwriting prowess is reflected in a vivid description that makes a case for her best qualities.

According to Kiiara, “Wishlist is about a ride or die mesmerizing love. Both involved would do anything for the other even if it meant doing the worst shit. He’s well aware she’ll potentially corrupt him, but he’s all-in no matter what. He knows she’s a bad girl type, but also knows he needs her…I wanna make him my number one. He’s at the top of my wishlist.”

Be sure to check out Kiiara on Soundcloud and her latest effort below:


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