Essentials: “Wicked Game” – Selfish Skin

Selfish Skin gives Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” an electronic-dance remake with this cover, performed by Amanda Huff and produced by Cristian Strehlow. The track begins with slow notes followed by echoes of Huff’s vocalizations, setting up an ethereal, trancelike atmosphere. Then a syncopated beat drops and the echoes of Huff’s voice are replaced with her full, haunting vocals, bringing the song into its full element. From whimsical bells to distant-sounding vocalizations to electric guitar reverbs, Strehlow makes good use of echo and resonance in giving the track its dreamlike character. The cover successfully modernizes Isaak’s classic track and showcases Huff and Strehlow’s combined musical strengths.

Listen to Selfish Skin’s cover of “Wicked Game” here:

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