Premiere: Rocky Heron Oozes Drake Vibes In Sexy “Nuffa Luv” Video

Do you like reggae-meets-R&B tracks like “One Dance” or “Let Me Love You”? How about really sexy guys? Great dancing? Queer-friendly lyrics?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then I’ve got a video for you, my friend.

Rocky Heron‘s “Nuffa Luv,” off his upcoming EP of the same name, showcases his vocals as well as his athletic ability—Heron’s a renowned yoga teacher, which might explain that eight-pack that’s on display in the video. In between hypnotic dance sequences and transcendental imagery, the video’s got some steamy scenes between Heron and his love interest/IRL partner, Micah Walters, who shows off a degree of flexibility that I can only dream of. I’m super happy that Rocky uses male pronouns in “Nuffa Luv” as well—we need more love (and lust) songs featuring same-sex relationships! “Nuffa Luv” has authenticity behind its reggae influence too, as Heron was born in the Caribbean to a reggae musician father. That’s a refreshing sound to hear in a sea of culture-vulture imitators, and is probably a factor in why “Nuffa Luv” is so damn catchy. Watch the video above, follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and check out Heron’s official website for more on the singer/yogi.

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