Video Premiere: “Whole Bag” – ThaRealDon_P

“Whole Bag” is the lead single off Chicago rapper ThaRealDon_P’s Gas-Ah-Lean mixtape, dropping on DatPiff September 26th. The track’s unbelievably catchy, and ThaRealDon_P’s star power is undeniable. Speaking about the creation of “Whole Bag,” ThaRealDon_P says, “I first heard the track when C-Sick played the beat at a session for my homie from Toronto, A-Zee who was buying beats. I was really there to help my homie, but I ended up hearing the track and loving the fuck out of it. My homie at the time was trying  to get me to do less rap songs and more singing, but I didn’t hear many tracks that moved me in that direction, until this one. C-Sick was pushing me even harder because I initially came with a hook that wasn’t fitting. He guided me by just humming this melody and then I start putting words to it and doing some crazy runz and it became a team effort with A-Zee and C-Sick, working with me to get what I ended up spitting out.”

ThaRealDon_P, an experienced actor with credits on Empire, Shameless, Easy, and Atlanta, knows a thing or two about film as well. About the visuals, he tells that “the video happened differently. After I recorded the song, my other homie who I smoke with, Young Live, suggested I should do a video where I was wildin out, riding on cars n shit to this song and my lil brother Antdawg chimed in like ‘actually… I know this girl that can film this.’ That’s how we linked up with JuicyKray who directed the video. Antdawg ended up driving the car on those stunts wit me on the hood. I had been hangin with A-Zee at Soho House damn near everyday the whole summer so I kinda combined the illest moments in my current life to make the video. I was already sliding around in a lil foreign, so it was just natural to do it on one day, in the summer, in Chicago, and smoke weed all over the city.

Watch the video below, and follow ThaRealDon_P on Facebook for more updates.

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