Premiere: “No Time” (ft. Sir Charles) – THANDO1988

Get to know NYC producer THANDO1988 in our interview and premiere of his new single, “No Time,” featuring Sir Charles.

Hey Thando! How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making and playing music for seven years.

What got you started as an artist?

I got the bug for making music when I first got turned on to dance music seven years ago. I had never really been exposed to it until the EDM boom happened around the late 2000’s. When I did my research and found out more about dance music, I was hooked. I’m a pretty obsessive person, so once I got into it, the desire to create music consumed me entirely.

We’re surrounded by endless distractions in our day to day lives – social media being one of the biggest ones. Artists are expected to produce quality songs as well as be constantly accessible to fans through their online presence. How do you manage to stay focused on creating music while contending with the pressures of these distracting expectations?

I struggle with distractions like most. One thing I’ve found that helps is that when I wake up I don’t check social media. I just get my day started and it saves me a lot of time. Checking social media right when you wake up is one of the easiest ways to lose an hour of your life each day.

What’s been an unlikely source of creative inspiration to you recently?

Doing anything but working on music. I have a hard time taking a break, but when I do I’ll just watch TV or go for a walk. I’ve found that little breaks can rejuvenate my desire to create.

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