Sip Along to Our Wine List Inspired By Cut Copy’s Haiku From Zero

In partnership with the St Andrews Wine Company, Saint Audio is selecting one very special album per month to match with a curated selection of wine. Miles Bolland has expertly paired a wine for each song off of Cut Copy’s latest album, Haiku From Zero. All wines are available for purchase on the St Andrews Wine Company’s website.

1. “Standing In The Middle”: I freely admit that I haven’t heard anything like this before. It feels like something from a strange dream sequence and I found it quite tricky to pair with something, as there were several directions I wanted to go in. The reason I settled on the Cave Saint-Verny Les Volcans Chardonnay is because with the tempo and the general light feeling to the music, it just seemed to fit. The wine is a beautiful example of what you can do with the Chardonnay grape without breaking the bank. Its quality sees it punching above its weight. Light, crisp, simple fruit and slight floral notes, it’s one of my favourites for a reason.

2. “Counting Down”: Du Grappin Beaujolais is what I’d pair up with this particular track. The wine come from the ever capable Andrew Nielsen, an Australian making wine primarily in Burgundy. Bright, crunchy red berries and a touch of darker fruit as well. Both he and his wines are another favourite of mine. It’s a fun wine with a bit of elegance and matches this song quite well I feel.

3. “Black Rainbows”: As with the previous two, you could go in a variety of directions, but lighter styles seem to be the best place to land. The questions is whether to go with a lighter red or a fun white. Rosé is what I’ve decided on though—specifically, Maison Williams Chase Rosé. Light red fruit, raspberries and strawberries, as well as a wonderful floral note. Also – and this isn’t something I often really care about – the packaging is pretty cool as well.

4. “Stars Last Me A Lifetime”: Mantellassi Mentore Morellino di Scansano. Morellino is the name for Sangiovese in the Maremma region of Tuscany. This is a little funkier than what came before it and so a change in wine style seemed just the ticket. Beautiful cherry fruit and a herby element see this wine getting a spot in this pairing line up.

5. “Airborne”: I found this one a bit trickier, it has a red wine feel to it and yet the backing of this song makes me think white wine. Greywacke by Kevin Judd is where I’ve settled, but when you taste this wine, settling is most definitely not what comes to mind. A gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough this heavily perfumed creation has a bit more meat on its bones than other Kiwi Sauvignon Blancs. You’ve got your peach and papaya notes on the nose with a slight bit of greenery, then on the palate you get floral notes, a subtle flint note and crisp acidity with a lengthy finish.

6. “No Fixed Destination”: To me, this song has a very different feel to what came before it. It still has that slightly eighties feel to it (apologies for the over-simplification) that I quite enjoy in what I’ve heard. Yet it’s done so very well that I’ve decided on something we’d all recognise, a familiar wine that’s also done so very well. Castello della Paneretta Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva—a Chianti that so many of us know, but a riserva, an elegant, delicious and rich wine that makes the wine makers skill so evident.

7. “Memories We Share”: I’ve picked Dajoar from Andreas Bender, a cracking Riesling producer from the Mosel. This fresh and bright wine is full of fruit and a tasty mineral note as well. A well put together wine that often finds a home on my wine rack. The reason I picked this is because the song itself appears to me to be brighter but fuller, hence the need for something that’s vivid and easy going but also with the backing of being exceptionally well made.

8. “Living Upside Down”: The start of this makes me think of floating through the air, so I’ve decided to go with a wine that’s light and beautiful. Yet another from Maison Williams Chase, this time Papillon. A Vermentino and Viognier blend that is fresh and chocked full of stone fruit with a bright finish. The fact the label has a lady with butterfly wings also feels rather apt. If possible I also recommend a yacht, the Mediterranean, a sunset and memories of caning it through the Riviera in your Lotus Esprit.

9. “Tied To The Weather”: A strong finish to this impressively made album. It’s somewhat understated and with an elegance you don’t see often in music these days. Subtle, but oddly powerful, and with a depth that isn’t instantly obvious. This was a tricky one, as I was tempted to go for something fortified yet that seemed an iffy choice, if appealing. A whisky perhaps, something to sip as you reminisce. Nope, fortified makes more sense to me here. Domaine Pouderoux Maury, fortified yet still only 15% (I’ve had heftier Amarones and they’re not fortified). Cherry and blackberries flood your palate as chocolate and prunes join in just when they’re required, no sooner and no later. Everything has its place here in this well structured, fruit forward wine. Sip it, love it and let the music wash over you.

Purchase wine from St Andrews Wine Company, and stream Cut Copy’s album here.

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