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Rave Weapons: Volume #003

This week, we are plunging head first into Moombahton with an added nod to the genre’s pioneer: Dave Nada.

Volume #003

1. “La Campana (Munchi Edit)” – Godwonder

Dominican Republic’s Munchi has been one of the most productive and consistent musicians in Moombahton from the get-go. His label Selegna Records has been pumping out music steadily for more than four years now and Munchi has been producing as well as mastering quite a bit in that time. Godwonder appeared on the label’s SoundCloud page a couple of years ago and has been sure to deliver hard-hitting records ever since as well. You should be sure to strap in with these two.

108 bpm, G-Minor [6a in Camelot]

2. “Azota (Original Bass)” – CrisMajor

Some q u a l i t y moomba. That’s all.

110 bpm, A-Flat-Minor [1a in Camelot]

3. “Inner Midget” – Nadastrom

Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom, who both have to be considered ‘original dons’ in electronic music, have been around as Nadastrom for many years now. Yet their music has remained something of a secret tip for heads who are all about house but with an extra pinch of spice. Their records are usually fairly calm but make you move your body, regardless. “Inner Midget,” which was released in autumn 2009 via Tittsworth’s and Ayres’s T & A Records was part of Dave Nada’s Apocalypse EP and has been one of the most underrated house-records that are out there.

126 bpm, G-Major [9b in Camelot]

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