Premiere: “m4ch’s chaoslove palace circuit” – m4ch

Los Angeles producer m4ch returns to Saint Audio with a brand-new track for us, titled “m4ch’s chaoslove palace circuit”. One of the things I love most about m4ch’s style is how exuberantly kinetic each offering is—”chaoslove palace circuit” kicks off with a nitrous-pumped beat charging out of the gate, evolving into a swirling tunnel of synths and footwork rhythms. It’s basically a thrill ride in a song.

Speaking about his music, m4ch tells us that he’s “very much an introvert, but I do like to just take long treks around the city for seemingly insignificant things, like limited edition candies only a certain liquor store an hour away holds. I walk everywhere like a nomad, it’s exciting. That type of activity inspires my tracks at times because I hear a lot of music and sounds in general during [the walks], and I have a lot of time to think of what I want to make when I return home.” His songs are journeys in themselves, ranging from elation to pensive reflection all in one composition.

I’m really excited to see m4ch get the recognition he deserves—his production style is a unique find in today’s Soundcloud landscape. Take a listen for yourself, and follow him here.

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