Essentials: Gallo’s Self-Titled EP

Gallo shows exceptional promise as a rising pop artist in her self-titled debut EP. With a futuristic sound that pushes the boundaries of pop music, Gallo succeeds in combining radio-friendly rhythms and vocals with an edgier, experimental production.

In “Sugar Daddy,” Gallo delivers vocals full of attitude as she sings to her lover, “The best things in life are free / But that sure don’t include me.” The production is dynamic with a loud, powerful beat as the focal point of the track. “Truth or Dare” is smoother in comparison, featuring a pulsing, danceable beat accompanied by Gallo singing in a higher range.

The singer introduces us to her dangerous side in “Paint Your Weapon” with a slower, steadier rhythm and vocal effects that give her a razor-sharp edge. Likewise, “Put Him In the Dirt” shows Gallo feeling vengeful towards someone from her past as she sings about “dirty dancing on his grave just for fun.”

The EP finally slows down with “A Little Bit Dangerous.” Here, Gallo offers us a sensual, R&B vibe with stripped down production and mysterious lyrics such as “Devil’s on my shoulder, think twice / Let’s pretend we’re strangers tonight.” “Wide Awake” brings the EP back to speed with a fun beat as Gallo sings about finally “waking up” to the toxicity of a relationship, singing “Your love was nothing but a maze of thorns.

Gallo gives us the pop we know and love with production that takes it to a more daring, adventurous realm, and this EP is an impressive introduction to her sound. With futuristic energy and vocals that exude confidence, Gallo is already carving out a space for herself in pop, and I’m excited to see what she’ll bring next.

Listen to Gallo’s self-titled EP below:

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