Essentials: “Bad Things (feat. Chloë Rona)” – Casio McCombs

Casio McCombs returns from his hiatus with “Bad Things,” a mid-tempo R&B track featuring sultry vocals by Chloë Rona. McCombs and Rona complement one another with their skillful production and songwriting to create the emotive atmosphere behind this track. As an explanation behind the lyrics, Rona says, “Bad Things is about wanting someone who is addicted to drugs. Wanting them to choose you over them, and wanting you to be their new addiction.

The track opens with a slow and sensual vibe underscored by the saxophone sample, fading away with an echo as the beat kicks in. With whimsical synths, varied beats, and vocals complete with yearning, “Bad Things” fully delivers as the R&B track to wind down with.

Listen to “Bad Things” below.

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