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Rave Weapons: Volume #001

Whether you’re spinning tunes as a DJ or handling the critical task of controlling the AUX cord at a party, you will know there’s nothing worse than turning up to the rave unequipped. Rave Weapons is a weekly series in which I present one or two musical tools I have stumbled across digging through my record-crates recently to ensure that you’ll be armed with the best tunes for peak party hours. The music will be old as well as new, and the styles will be like liquorice: allsorts, but often best from the UK.

Volume #001:

1. “My God (Toddla T vs. Trojan Sound System Dub Version)” – Trojan Sound System

The renowned London-based sound system originally released the EP Africa, which contained “My God”, in 2012. Toddla T, well-known in the UK for his music as well as his DJing and his weekly show on BBC Radio1, followed up with his remix in 2013 and it has (or should have) been an essential record for any Dancehall or UK bass aficionado ever since. If you and everyone else aren’t raging to this all night long, I don’t know what to say.
180 bpm, A-flat Minor (1a in Camelot)


2. “Up!” – Coco

Something recent from Sheffield-bred and London-based Coco. Some excellent upbeat grime to go off to. Simple as that.
160 bpm, F Minor (4a in Camelot)

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