Essentials: “No Inbetweens” – I AM D

Since its inception as a genre, hip hop has glamorized a lavish lifestyle by flaunting money, cars, chains, and the like. In the midst of this subject matter, hip hop has also walked the thin line between acceptable commentary and derogatory sentiments. Specifically, women are often portrayed as a prized-possession or trophy—a touchy subject that still causes societal outrage today. However, Australian-based rapper I AM D is working to alter the misogynistic attitude towards women in hip hop with his latest effort. Based on his personal introspection and relationships with women in his life, “No Inbetweens” is a social commentary on domestic violence in a relationship. As he flows effortlessly on a piano-sampled beat, his frustration-driven voice makes his intentions clear to listeners. Although he cannot exhibit violence in response to his frustration, his direct approach in empathizing with victims inspires us to consider more conversations about the horror of domestic violence.

In a Facebook post, the rapper wrote, “Less then a week since releasing No Inbetweens. It was one of the first songs I made with James straight after releasing MNTNS. I’ve seen the effects Domestic Violence has had on people near and far. I’ve experienced an emotionally fuelled, toxic time in my life at 19 where I felt like I nearly got to that point myself. I’m not proud to say that. I am extremely thankful and grateful that line wasn’t crossed. It gave me the opportunity to grow and understand myself, life, and becoming better for it. This song means a lot to me, it’s not significant enough to solve the problem. But I think in it’s purest form of saying something real and potent, it’s allowed others to relate and find their own voice and sense of comfort. Some of the captions I read of people adding their own experiences of themselves or loved ones ending in divorces, deaths, you name it, had me really off guard of the magnitude of this issue and how real it is for some. I’m humbled as an artist to be able to share an experience and capture that. It’s seen the light of Rolling Stone Australia, Run The Trap, Too Future., Off The Clef, Thehypemagazine, The Music Ninja & Vents Magazine Street Team Page. A job well done in my eyes. I’m incredibly proud of this one. These situations are extremely hard and complicated. There are numbers to call, people to talk to, support is absolutely 110% paramount to get out of a situation such as Domestic Violence. Love and help is always closer then you think.”

Be sure to check out I AM D on Soundcloud and watch the music video for “No Inbetweens” below:

Love isn’t supposed to hurt. If you are being abused, please reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.



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