Essentials: 2AM EP – Justene

London-based artist Justene dropped her sophomore EP, 2AM, after a four year hiatus. The four tracks on this EP showcase the singer’s range, as they vary from funk to R&B to power ballads. The EP itself is considered a concept record- each track highlights a certain stage in a relationship. The Leicester native teamed up with London musicians Feranmi Oguns and Bastian Testori (OL Music) to produce this deeply personal EP.

The first song, “Chemistry,” covers the potential start of a relationship. The funky beat matches the sense of infatuation described in the lyrics. This is definitely my favourite track—it has such a catchy, upbeat melody and that touch of saxophone in the background elevates the sound.

“Walls” details the instinctive feeling I think we’ve all experienced of putting up your guard around someone. This contemporary R&B harmony emphasizes the emotion felt in the chorus.

As the record progresses, the tempo steadily slows down to the ballad, “Hide.” Yet again, Justene hits us with some relatable content of insecurity and self-doubt, beautifully sung with a piano background that complements the singer’s powerful vocals.

Justene picks the beat back up for the title track, which is a great end to a great EP. The songwriter ends where she began in terms of lyrics—both “Chemistry” and “2AM” repeat the line “can’t get you out of my mind.” This track has such a fresh beat; the deep bass and the lead up to the chorus make this a standout track.

Overall, the EP is wide ranged in terms of musical style—it’s like a little taster of what is to come from this talented singer.

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