I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet Is The Next Step In Ducky’s Evolution

There are a lot of things that could be said about Morgan “Ducky” Neiman. She hasn’t ducked from her competition and never hesitated to take a header into the pond and further evolve her production, either. And she is really quack, too (Now, put your hands over your head and step away from the punchline).

In all seriousness, though: Ducky has been steadily pumping out music via her own moniker as well as her very own Rave Toolz project for years, growing an audience that is as diverse as her musical style. Her new EP, I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet, reflects this artistic development. She also claims to have stolen a duck from San Francisco’s Zoo once, so you should make sure you buckle up because she is not horsing around.

Starting at a young age, Ducky’s artistic influences have been widespread from the get-go, having first ventured into lo-fi pop, and later earning a degree in recorded music from NYU. Her massive amount of experience and practice is condensed in her productions. The EP, as Ducky’s whole œuvre, can hardly be reduced to one genre or style—most of her music is fairly upbeat and appears to have its roots in techno, though previous EPs such as Lost Angeles or Don’t Give Up Yet sometimes take a darker thematic turn. On this latest effort, she channels Porter Robinson on the electro house-fueled “Hey” and “What U Say”, goes melodic yet hard on “Oceans”, casually throws in some proper hardstyle on “Freak Out”, and finishes off with the at first vocal-driven and then properly upbeat “U Were Wrong”. Oh, and she sings throughout the whole EP (as she does on many of her tracks). Double points!

The most beautiful feature of Neiman’s music is that you can constantly hear the aforementioned evolvement. She’s getting better from track to track and that makes the whole experience extra fun. Plus everything is still very much danceable. If you’re into broadminded yet hard electronic music and haven’t heard of Ducky up until now, you might have been living under a rock. Tune into Ducky ASAP, because this train is heading for rave-town.

Stream I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet on your favorite service, available here.

Cover artwork by Sydney Jones.

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