Essentials: “Better Now” – Jordan Raf

If you want a perfect heater as the summer is winding down, lower your sunroof and take a cruise to the latest original by California-based artist Jordan Raf. Reminiscent of the soundscape presented in Views by Drake, “Better Now” seamlessly blends R&B, dancehall, hip hop, and pop that melts as it hits your ears. When the song reaches the pre-chorus, white noise, atmospheric synths, and piano sets the foundation for the chorus in cohesive fashion. John War implements a half-time beat for the chorus to allow Jordan to utilize a double time flow—a skill that adds breadth to a song if used correctly. In this case, Jordan’s execution of a double time flow gives the listener a preview of his rap skills later in the song. As Jordan raps, each bar starts with raspy tinges in his voice and quickly changes into a higher pitch at the verse’s end. In the song’s last half, an addition of a howling vocal sample is simple yet effective in creating an uplifting atmosphere. Jordan’s decision to end the song with another verse to showcase his rap skills is evidence that he may very well be POW Recordings’ version of Drake. Be sure to check out Jordan Raf’s music, the rest of the POW roster, and Jordan’s latest track below:



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