Pitchfork-Organized MCA Talks Coming This Fall for 50th Anniversary

If you are in the Chicago area this fall, mark your calendars for a star-studded affair at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Pitchfork-partnered In Sight Out talks are being held at the museum in celebration of their 50th anniversary.  Specifically, In Sight Out is a discussion series on music, art, and culture, and showcases each artist on a personal level. The talk series will include many artists such as Solange (Sept. 13), Vince Staples (Oct. 13), and Chance the Rapper (Nov. 17). Each respective artist will speak on specific topics with a distinguished individual in a discussion panel. In Sight Out tickets are on sale for $20 at specific times, all in CST: Solange’s talk on August 23 at noon, Vince’s talk on September 6 at noon, and Chance’s talk on October 11 at noon.

For more information, check out MCA’s website for further details to purchase tickets.

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