Hear Tori Amos’s Plea To The “Climate Blind” In “Up The Creek”

The second single from Tori Amos‘s upcoming album, Native Invader, “Up The Creek” is a haunting environmental plea for the 21st century. Pulsing with an electronic take on Native American traditions, Southern Gothic and Flood Blues, the blend of genres creates a sense of supernatural surrealism that is while sonically different is still vintage Tori. This is also the second time her daughter Tash joins her on vocals, giving the song an extra bit of texture. I wouldn’t say Tash sounds like a young Tori—her voice is her own—but there is a certain quality to her that let’s you know she is from the same cloth and allows them to blend very well together, while adding a generational importance to the barely hopefully, political, and environmental lyrics. “We may just survive/if the Militia of the Mind/arm against those climate blind.”

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