Essentials: “Silence (ft. Khalid)” – Marshmello

If you were looking for happy hardcore samples or snappy synths, the latest effort by Marshmello does not contain sounds that are synonymous with his discography.  In surprising fashion, the mystery producer delves into a crooner that sheds light on a darker subject matter—a contrast to his scintillating renditions. His cheerful approach in production provided an inkling on his versatility. In this case, the same passion and emotion invested in his previous tracks are found in “Silence”. For example, the subdued piano intro prepares the listener to experience the depths of loneliness and depravity. Adding to the track’s atmospheric nature, the background vocals bleeds through the piano with a reverb effect. As the song wavers on, a minimal drum beat and simplistic drop were implemented to place focus on Khalid. Previously lending his talents to Logic and Calvin Harris, the Georgia-based vocalist strips down his facade and becomes vulnerable about his experience with love. His voice is nuanced with raspy tones that emanates his vulnerability in each note. Based on the lyrics, Khalid reveals that he never had someone of his own and accepts that he is alone. Although the subject has been tackled many times, “Silence” is a refreshing take on an unrequited love. Be sure to check out Marshmello on tour this summer and his latest track below:

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