Get To Know Dance Music Superstar Sam Feldt

Hey Sam! How’s festival season going this year?

It’s going great! I’ve just played at the first weekend of Tomorrowland in Belgium and I’ll be heading back there to play second weekend too, which will be a lot of fun. I love festival season in general, because I get to go back to festivals that I’ve played previously, as well as experiencing new festivals for the first time. For example, I’ll be playing at
SW4 in London for the first time, which I’m really excited about playing. I’ve heard great things from loads of DJs about it.

Tell me more about the Heartfeldt project. What are some other ways you try to connect with your fans?

Heartfeldt is my way in connecting directly with my fans. They can sign up in 2 clicks and immediately enter the world of Sam Feldt. On Heartfeldt, you can listen to all my Heartfeldt Radio episodes, enter competitions and watch exclusive content. I’m very active on social media, I frequently upload photos onto my Instagram page and speak to fans via Twitter, but with Heartfeldt everything is in one place and it’s a great way for me to keep in touch with my fans from all around the world, as well as my fans connecting with each other too.

I saw your post on Facebook speaking about your experience as a producer and DJ—6 hour sets are no joke! Do you prefer playing a longer set, or a shorter one? What are the merits of more vs less time on the decks?

It depends on the gig, to be honest. I could be really happy about a short set, when it’s at a festival and it’s all about bringing that high energy peak time experience. But then I also love playing 6 hour underground sets in a dimly lit nightclub. It’s just a whole different experience.

What city do you most look forward to playing, and why?

I’m really looking forward to doing another show in my hometown of Amsterdam during Mysteryland Festival this year. Always fun to see my friends show up!

What’s your favorite comfort food to have while traveling?

Depends on the country! In the USA it’s definitely Mac ‘n Cheese! We don’t have that in the Netherlands.

How do you try to differentiate yourself from other musicians working in the same genre as you? Is there anything in particular that you feel helps set people apart in the music industry?

I create music that I like the sound of and what I think will work in my live sets. When I started producing music and trying to break into the scene, I was making music that had aspects of the tracks that were super popular at the time, which didn’t work for me in the long run. If everything sounds the same, listeners will get bored of the music. So, I started created music with ‘my sound’ and my tastes and people started to notice and enjoyed what I was creating. If you like your own music, people are bound to as well.

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