Essentials : “Redrum (What So Not Remix)” – Era Istrefi

If you were wondering where What So Not went, look no further than the remix of “Redrum” by Era Istrefi, a Kosovar-based vocalist. Formerly known as Emoh Instead, the Australian producer is back with another track containing his signature sound. Ultra-signed singer Era Istrefi recruited What So Not to produce her song “Redrum” slated for release in February. However, Emoh explained that the original track did not release due to a discrepancy in sound for European radio or a time constraint. Regardless, Emoh’s take on the track breathes new life with its atmospheric soundscape. The acoustic guitar-infused intro blends flawlessly into a haunting vocal sample. Although acoustic guitar complementing the electronic-based production is not a new feat, Emoh tackled this approach to distinguish himself from the fray. The most noticeable feature of the remix is incorporating a hardstyle breakdown—an electronic sound that was once popular in the 90s. The production itself perfectly captures the very essence of Era’s lyrics about a dangerous love story. Similar to a relationship that has high and low points, Emoh depicts the same visualization in audio form. Specifically, the jumpy vibe in the drop may represent a bumpy road in a relationship. Sonically, Era’s raw emotion adds a layer of depth and draws a comparison to Rihanna‘s distinct vocal ability. Be sure to listen to the original track featuring Felix Snow and check out the What So Not remix below:

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