What Wine Pairs Best With Murlo’s i-D Mix?

Sitting on my couch drinking a Cinsaut that I absolutely hate, I’m listening to Murlo‘s i-D mix and wondering what might taste better as I listen to this excavation into complex, scattered, new-age sounds. I love Murlo, and anyone who follows me on Twitter is well aware of my stan-level fandom. I also love wine, perhaps a bit more than I love Murlo, so why not combine the two into one self-indulgent post that I’m writing instead of going to bed?

Many of my favorite wines are vegan, which I’ve denoted with a (V) in the post.

Run to your local liquor store, grab a few bottles, and pop on this mix after a particularly long day at work.

The mix starts off with mellowed, atmospheric synths that quickly charge into a 2-step breakdown. Whenever I’m attempting to shift into the party vibe, I like to sip on Some Young Punks’ vibrant Shiraz, Passion Has Red Lips (V). It’s light with a fruity, dry bite that’s invigorating enough to keep you from feeling any lethargic effects after that second or third glass.

Okay, 15 minutes into the mix, you’re feeling pretty good. This Marcx 4×4 track is HOT. You don’t wanna get too turnt this early on though, so switch it over to something a bit lighter—Whispering Angel is my drink of choice when trying to take it easy. A rose that’s a touch sweet, beautifully fragrant, and floral, it finds a way to be delicate and memorable without being cloying. As Murlo starts to take the tempo into uncharted territories, Whispering Angel will help guide you.

“At The End (Die For Me)” is my signal that it’s time to get into that weird, contemplative headspace that I always seem to be lulled into whenever I listen to a lot of Murlo. It’s meditative, but I still get to feel kind of sad, so very on brand for me. If I’m looking to start overthinking every detail of my life and still have fun, I either grab Charles Smith’s The Velvet Devil Merlot (V) or I Heart Pinot Noir. Yes, you read the last one right, and yes, I do heart pinot noir.

This shit just cranked back up and I can’t deal with murky feelings anymore. I’m down to enjoy the chirpy riddim that’s playing around minute 44. So I’d hit up a bottle of my absolute favorite bargain wine, Stellar Organics Pinotage (V), if I had some available to me right now. And y’all—if you have not tried it yet, get out to the store and buy some damn pinotage. Abraham and the Heretics is a great first pinotage, but I like Stellar Organics as it’s not as full-bodied.

Close out your auditory journey with something sweet, like Forteto della Luja Moscato d’Asti. Simple and low in alcohol, a moscato is an airy way to close out another magical Murlo mix.

For those of you lucky enough to live in St Andrews, make sure to visit St Andrews Wine Company. They taught me everything I know, which is admittedly very little, but they are excellent and stock the best selection of wines I’ve seen thus far in my wine-drinking life.

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