Essentials: “Turn Me Down” – Jess Connelly and LUSTBASS

I’ve been in a rut with music lately; I’ve had the same 10 songs on repeat for a few weeks and when those songs are playing, I’m not even listening to them anymore? I have them on just for the sole purpose of not sitting in complete silence. I have Jess Connelly and LUSTBASS to thank for getting me out of my rut; “Turn Me Down” is a class R&B track and it is just what I needed to hear.

JCon’s sultry vocals harmonizes so nicely with LUSTBASS’s melody, which is smooth like butter. They both flow so well together; I think the background vocals really add a crucial dynamic to the track as well as the piano- even when it’s just subtly in the background, it gives a nice balance to the track. Everything about this song makes me melt, it has such a soulful feel that is perfect for listening to when you’re just hanging out (or in my case, trying to get out of a rut).

Keep up with the Manila native on Twitter and make sure to watch out for her upcoming mixtape.

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