Lana Del Rey Soundtracks Summer With New Tracks

Our favourite summer goddess, Lana Del Rey, has graced us with two new tracks as we get closer to the release date (July 21st) for her new album, Lust for Life. Both tracks, “Groupie Love” and “Summer Bummer,” feature A$AP Rocky, who is a close friend of the artist—he played a John F. Kennedy-type in the “National Anthem” music video.

“Groupie Love” is the first track Del Rey recorded with A$AP Rocky and it was inspired by her watching girls stan over the rapper at his shows. The lyrics are from the groupie’s point of view and depict the fantasy of dating a celebrity. The melody is reminiscent of the singer’s first studio album- slow and dreamy. A$AP’s slow rap flows really well with the melody and fits right into the track. The New York native references the song “Yamborghini High” recorded by hip hop collective A$AP Mob, in his verse with the line: “Yamborghini-high, but she ain’t on my grade.” 

It’s safe to say that “Summer Bummer” is Del Rey’s updated version of “Summertime Sadness.” Compared to her earlier tracks, this definitely has more of a hip hop beat than the majestic strings and drums that is so definitive of the crooner’s signature sound. Another significant change in this record is the amount of featured artists- up until now, Del Rey’s albums have not had features. Lust for Life boasts of notable featured artists such as The Weeknd (who we’ve already heard in the released title track), Stevie Nicks, and Sean Ono Lennon. In this track, she teams up again with A$AP as well as Playboi Carti. Carti’s verse brings a different aspect to the track- it serves as more than just a break in between Del Rey’s verses. Longtime listeners are used to hearing just Del Rey’s vocals as well as her side of the narrative whereas Carti’s verse serves as another viewpoint vocally and narratively.


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