Vince Staples Is Quietly Releasing The Hottest Bangers of 2017

In the lead-up to the June 23rd release of his sophomore album Big Fish TheoryVince Staples has put out two of the hottest tracks I’ve heard so far this year. February’s “BagBak” is a right tune, but “Big Fish”, his latest single, is INSANE. As in, “I’ve listened to this 14 times today” insane. The slinky, West Coast bassline gives way to a head-bobbing chorus straight out of the G-funk era, all while Vince lays down verses that stay true to his previous work. It’s a summer-ready track that’s… actually interesting? So rather than hitting play on ANOTHER watered down reggaeton Justin Bieber song, give “Big Fish” a spin. And if you don’t like the track, well then…. 

Stream and download “Big Fish” here.

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