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Saint Audio Mixes #022: CASEMENT

Our 22nd mix features Scottish producer Casement, who resides in Glasgow. Read on for more about the Scottish music scene and Casement’s sound.

Thanks for this mix! What sounds or genres were you trying to highlight in it?

No worries! I tried to include a bit of everything I’m into and what’s influencing the tunes I’m making at the moment. Been getting really into percussive driven and drum heavy stuff for a while so there’s a load of that in there.

How did you get started producing?

I’ve always been a huge music head for pretty much every genre but when I discovered J Dilla, FlyLo and Onra, I got obsessed with the production and decided to try my hand at making beats. After infecting the family PC multiple times downloading cracked versions of FL Studio I made many terrible beats which are now hidden away on some old hard drive. Being able to make tunes and having a penchant for bass heavy dance music eventually led to me trying my hand at everything from happy hardcore to grime and eventually club music which combines a lot of these influences and is what I’m mainly making now.  I still occasionally make hip hop here too.

Do you feel like Glasgow’s music scene is different from Edinburgh’s? Why or why not?

There’s definitely a difference that I’ve noticed, everyone always says Glasgow is a house and techno city which is partially very true with the better clubs being very techno-heavy while Edinburgh seems to definitely have a much bigger DNB scene which is pretty non-existent in Glasgow. Both have amazing reggae and dancehall scenes thanks to soundsystems like Mungos HiFi and Messenger Sound and the grime scene in both cities has completely blown up over the last few years, but Glasgow’s is definitely leading the way in that respect though.

What mood do you want your music to convey?

Depends on which kind of genres I’m working with but the majority of the time it’s just made to be hype club and bass music to get people excited and sound as heavy as possible.

If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Either Mr. Carmack because I feel like he just constantly pushes the boat out production-wise, always doing something new and making it sound ridiculously good, or Lil B The Based God because the dude is a positive ray of light in a dark world and everything he does makes me happy.

Do you think that the political unrest across the world – Brexit, Donald Trump, etc – will impact the music of this time period? What do you think will change within dance music, if anything?

I definitely think we’ll see more and more dance producers using their music as a platform to communicate and raise awareness about these issues and ones they feel strongly about regardless of their size as Soundcloud and other sites have made it so easy for artists to spread a message. I personally like to keep politics and music separate but I think it’s important in when there’s so much negativity going on for dance music to be able to give people a sense of connection.

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