Essentials: “Take Back” – Different Sleep

After releasing two EP’s since 2014 Rafa Alvarez, who’s better known by his moniker Different Sleep, is about to drop his debut LP, Forget It, via Friends of Friends Music. The album will feature Alvarez’s own vocals plus a steady line-up of guests such as London’s new soul artist IDEH and fellow Los Angeles based vocal talent Jarell Perry. After putting out the singles “Just Cause” with Deebs and “First To Say” featuring Vanessa Elisha, Different Sleep just released the final single before the album drops on the 27th of January, “Take Back”. It’s the first record to include his very own vocals – Alvarez says that this is something that he’ll be doing more on the album – and has a very chilled out, meditative sound.

Connect with Different Sleep on Soundcloud.

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