Essentials: “Bad and Boujee” (Omniboi Remix) – Migos

“Bad and Boujee” by hip hop trio Migos has been topping the charts and the Internet for some while now, and if you think you’ve heard enough remixed versions of it, you might quite possibly be right. Except: there’s Omniboi. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Omni Rutledge is now making waves from Los Angeles. And that’s quite literally. His music style is somewhere between electro house, jazz, and 8-bit. One half of 2ToneDisco, who describe themselves and their music quite accurately on YouTube as ‘Internet music’, Rutledge has been fascinated with video games and especially their soundtrack ever since his youth. And that is clearly audible in his productions – and there are a lot of them; I can only recommend to check out his SoundCloud. This jazzy and groovy version of “Bad and Boujee” is well worth a listen, regardless of if you’ve listened to the original before, or if you love it or hate it. If you find yourself bouncing in your seat, as I did, be careful to not be sat in a library and get kicked out though, as I almost did…

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