Essentials: “Pop Fly” – Jonah Baseball

Jonah Baseball’s new track “Pop Fly”, released on All Good RecordsFreshly Baked, Vol. 1, keeps you guessing as he seamlessly fits numerous movements into one tight piece.

The song works like a multiple course meal, with each dish focusing on a different instrument fundamental to past funk, Motown, and disco classics. The chimes which open and close act more as a palate cleanser preparing the listener for the true meat of track. A funky bass melody quickly takes the focus before it passes on briefly to a hard-hitting percussion line. The track then moves into a pair of distinct and equally catchy guitar riffs, before the chimes return to fade into the track’s conclusion. Jonah Baseball manages to combine so many great lines with a great flow preserving the track’s overall vibes. I only wish it were longer.

You can listen and download “Pop Fly” and the rest of Freshly Baked, Vol. 1 for free here. It features numerous great future funk and nu jazz tracks well worth checking out. You can also find more of Jonah Baseball’s work on his Soundcloud.

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