Fleet Foxes Are Back in the Studio

Finally, after vague social posts and interviews from the band’s front man, Robin Pecknold, we have physical proof that the Fleet Foxes have officially hit the studio. On October 24th, Pecknold Instagrammed this picture of the folk-rock group.

Despite the fact that five years have passed since Fleet Foxes’s sophomore album, Helplessness Blues, the band members have been far from quiet. The band’s frontman, Robin Pecknold, has established a solo career and recently announced a new album. Drummer Josh Tillman left the band and transformed into his satirical rock star alter-ego, Father John Misty. And the other members of the six-piece  group have been working on various side projects. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Fleet Foxes in the future, but for now, revisit the beauty of Helplessness Blues.


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