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Saint Audio Selects: Fall Feels

German producer Emiliah curated Fall Feels, an emotional playlist for the changing of the seasons. He writes, “Autumn is — by far — my favourite time of the year. There’s nothing nicer than a stroll through the red-golden woods or the dark streets with illuminated houses whilst the cold wind makes you pull your coat tighter and you smell the fires being put back on in the furnaces. I feel like this part of the year — especially — is for yourself. To rethink, to do what you love, to stray; whatever. So that’s what this playlist is trying to be about. If anything, I’d describe myself as ambivalent; therefor this playlist deliberately tries to swerve steady genres and instead does what I do when the leaves start to decay, too: it goes exploring. Starting with music that I’d listen to on a nocturnal adventure through the cities of the world, progressing to tunes that make me bounce around my room with my friends and concluding with things that make me want to dance and cry in the rain. Yes, I’m an irredeemable romantic. But…you know…might as well.”

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