Gig Review: B. Traits at The Reading Rooms

B.Traits recently made her debut at The Reading Rooms in Dundee, and it was a night to remember. It was the Canadian DJ’s first time playing the space and she killed her 2 hours.

You might recognise her name from BBC 1 where she plays every Friday, or maybe from the 2012 hit “Fever”.

She was preceded by the Finnish DJ IDA, of the Let It Bleed nights up in Aberdeen. IDA warmed the crowd up and B.Traits swooped in. I was expecting big things after listening to what her Soundcloud had to offer and I was not disappointed. She even mixed in some different styles that I was not expecting- and that was what was so exhilarating about the show. It was unique and there was an element of surprise. I was also struck with how calm she was under pressure and with so many people shouting her name. Her fans are certainly passionate – in fact, my two friends brought a big Canadian flag to let her know that she had fans all the way from her homeland. She played us out, but the crowd demanded more and her final track was perfect – beautiful and mellow. Even leaving into the dreary Scottish rain didn’t wipe the smile off my face.


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