Kanye West Cuts Set Short at The Meadows

UPDATED 9:38 AM EST: Kim Kardashian has reportedly left Paris via private jet. The gunmen robbed Kardashian of millions of dollars in jewelry in her hotel room. You can read the rest of the story on BBC. 

UPDATED 11:34 PM EST: CNN reports that Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room by armed men dressed as police officers. No one was harmed in the incident.

Rapper Kanye West ended his performance at New York festival The Meadows early this evening, citing a family emergency as the reason for his abrupt departure. Halfway through “Heartless”, Kanye asked the DJ to cut the music, then addressed the crowd letting them know the show was over. Genius captured the moment, which you can watch here.
We will keep reporting on this developing story. WeArePressPlay sends our love to Kanye and his family, and we hope all is well. 💛

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