Mix Review: “3AM O4W” – Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan Hemsworth has released a new mix, which is in many ways a memoir of this past summer. In classic Ryan Hemsworth fashion, there’s a lot to unpack, since he unsurprisingly dodges any singular genre label. Chances are you will repeatedly hear melodies that sound really familiar, but you can’t quite put a name to it.

Since it was his No Plans which first caught my attention, I’m admittedly a big fan of whenever Ryan Hemsworth displays what a “child of the internet” and gamer geek he is. At many times, it feels like Kuchibiru Network

That being said, if you want rap and hip-hop paired with more typical production, you won’t find it here. Instead, at moments  it seems like he’s dropped rappers into a slice of life shōjo anime. He combines DJ Mustard and Travi$ Scott’s “Whole Lotta Loving” – a song that’s clearly influenced by CeCe Peniston’s “Finally” – with Celadon City. Kevin Gates’ “Paper Chasers” gets mixed in with what reminds me of an aeroplay techno track from a decade ago, and Young Dolph’s “Feet Up” is paired with “Dearly Beloved” from the JRPG Kingdom Hearts. He even dresses up Jazz Cartier’s “Red Alert” with some synth-pop production. At one of my favorite points, he gives ABRA’s “Sick Girl” a bit of 80’s pop decoration. Other moments remind me of Miyauchi Yuri’s electronica, and I could swear he at one point uses the chime melody from Sébastien Tellier’s “La Ritournelle (Mr Dan’s Mix)”. He also spends a bit of time experimenting in the cut-up genre and drops you into a Super Nintendo game at least once.

Yet somehow, it never seems chaotic and unorganized. There’s a clear direction, distinguishable movements and it doesn’t really suffer from any awkward pauses. The only negative thing I can think to say is that it, in its entirety, might not be for everyone. On the flip-side, if you like hip-hop, electronica, chillwave, bass, or even J-pop, there are surely a few parts you’ll like; it might simply require jumping around the mix to find it.

Update: Ryan posted the tracklist for the mix. Peep it below.
Hoahio – Marimo
21Savage – OceanDrive
Antônio Carlos Jobim – Insensatez
Abra – SICKGIRL (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
munno – never forget
Alicks – my dad wants to fight me
Celadon City – Ryan x Lucas x Lil Yachty
Julien Mier – All Is Quiet
Celadon City – Sleepsearcher
Deadboy – Much Closer
Kornél Kovács – Josey’sTune
Yung Booke – Free The Hood
Lech Jankowski – Hymn. Coda. Choral
Lucas – Okay Tho
Kazumasa Hashimoto – Monochrome prome
Alicks – on the other side of the river
asuka tanaka – PIPA PIPA
Strap – 3 Bad Bitches (Ryan x Kensuke Ushio Remix)
Yakki – Back 2 Back (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Yakki – Back 2 Back
NBA Youngboy – Dream (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
KevinGates – ChasinPaper
Agraph – And Others
Agraph – poly perspective
Speaker Knockerz -Lonely
GREG&ED – Same As It Ever Was
Young Dolph – FeetUp (Ryan’s Kingdom Hearts Remix)
Frida Johansson & Henrik Oja – Departure
Kodak Black – Hollyhood (Ryan Hemsworth Edit)
Celadon City – Return (Ryan’s Travis Scott Edit)
noclip – Cloud Kingdom (Ryan’s Jazz Cartier Edit)
Remedios – Fallen Angel
CLLLAPS – Hindsight
光田康典 – Deep Labyrinth

Listen to more Ryan Hemsworth on Soundcloud.


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