EP Review: How It Feels – Joe Hertz

It’s a big week for London-based producer Joe Hertz, he’s recently unveiled his debut EP How It Feels and it’s been a long time coming. Teasing the Internet over the past year with hits like “Stay Lost (feat. Amber-Simone)” and EP track “Playing For You (feat. Bassette)”,  Hertz’s release doesn’t disappoint. He does a fantastic job of pushing boundaries and exploring multiple genres on How It Feels, mixing R&B, electronic, soul and even a bit of hip-hop styling throughout the EP. How It Feels is truly a diverse selection of work, with soul fillers like “Swimming (feat. James Vickery)”, house grooves on “Orbits”,  and hip-hop vocals by Tobi Sunmola on “Do or Die”. Joe Hertz ensures that there’s something for every music lover here – we’ll just be over here soaking in the full EP as we wait for what the future holds for Mr. Hertz.


Listen to Joe Hertz on Soundcloud, Follow him on Twitter and be sure to purchase the EP on iTunes.
Words: Luna B
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