Essentials: “My Hands” – AYER

I think I may be the only person above the age of 17 who cites Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist as a favorite movie, but I do. One of my favorite parts about that movie is the soundtrack – it was a pretty great collection of approachable late-aughts indie rock, perfectly setting the scene for a fun teenage fantasy of running around New York with a band boy you have a crush on. I mean, who DOESN’T like two awkward teens falling in love to a good soundtrack? It was scored by Mark Mothersbaugh guys! C’MON!

If Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist was remade today, I would insist that NYC-based Ayer‘s “My Hands” be on the soundtrack. It’s got the perfect dash of piano poppy goodness that dominated airwaves back in the day, with synth-backed vocals that bring to mind We Are Scientists. There’s a little R&B touch to the vocal styling too – it’s sexy and subtle all at the same time. And, perhaps representative of more modern relationships, this track is above all “a song about friendship”. Because friends rule. And we all hook up with our friends now. Or not. Friends still rule.

If I didn’t hook you into listening to “My Hands” with my weird love of teen rom-coms or comparisons to alt indie rock stars, just look at the cover. It’s a bunny playing a sax. I think you HAVE to listen to it now.

Listen to more AYER on Soundcloud.

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