Essentials: “Favorite” – Manus

We often listen to music to help us express all the emotions we can’t say, aided by the use of artists’ meaningful metaphors and coy similes. Drake‘s moody double-speak lyrics provide great fodder for sad tweets about fighting with your dickhead boyfriend, just as Beyonce‘s confident words allow us to convey bravado and poise when we’re #flexing on all our friends. But sometimes, the lyrics of a song might mean exactly what you think they do. With that comes the introduction of Manus, whose song “Favorite” seems as if it could reference the women in his life, but may also literally be about “his fanatical obsession with high-quality posable superhero figurines”. Yes, you read it right.

Manus (meaning “great” in Gaelic) references some of the most revered ladies of the Marvel Universe, name-dropping Jessica Jones and Gwen Stacy in just one of his verses. When he’s not rapping, he’s known for Hulk-smashing Playstation controllers, so it’s only fitting that he write a track about the women of Marvel.

With the help of fellow Vermont buddies yng_cld and Lazerdisk, “Favorite” is a cheeky, slinky track that takes video-game influences and merges them with sexy, West Coast hip hop elements. Check it out, and start quoting the lyrics to your friends. They’ll never know what you’re REALLY talking about.

Listen to Manus on Soundcloud, and follow him on Twitter.

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