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The Makk Tape

On August 29th, 2016, Orlando suffered an untimely loss of a truly special artist and person. Samisoni Koroitamudu, known as Big Makk, passed away in a car accident, along with friend Gady “Too Late” Gaspard. Makk’s passing occurred days before he was to release his EP, The Makk Tape.

A founding member of the “Shake and Bass” party that helped set the trends for electronic music as we know it, Big Makk was an accomplished producer with releases on Mad Decent, and a slot at the upcoming EDC Orlando music festival this November. Big Makk was one of those people that seemed to have a unique ability to touch the lives of everyone he met, leaving a legacy of love, friendship, and talent in both the Orlando club scene and the music community as a whole. Orlando-based writer Ashley Lawrence shared an example of Makk’s kindness and zest for life with WeArePressPlay.

“Makk was kind enough to grant me one of my first blog interviews at Spring Weekend ’15 where I had the concept,”Big Macs with Big Makk”. I’ve bumped into him a few times backstage in the Orlando scene and he was always the life of the party, and drank Hennessey like a fish. He was also that dude. No one ever had anything bad to say about Makk because he was a class act and great guy – which is a lot coming from the Orlando scene.”

Makk’s friends chose to release his EP, The Makk Tape, on the original day it was scheduled to drop. His management wrote,

“Today was the day Sam (aka BIG MAKK) was going to release this LP titled ‘THE MAKK TAPE’. For those that didn’t know Sam, he had 3 loves in his life; His Family/Friends, His Music, & His Shoes (mainly Vans). We also know there is nothing more he would have wanted than for everyone to listen and share this music as was planned. We miss you Sam and we couldn’t think of a better way to honor your beautiful soul than to have your music live on forever.
You can listen for free on Soundcloud & Spotify as well as purchase on iTunes. All proceeds of this music will go to benefit BIG MAKK’s family.

Through his music, Big Makk is here with us. His presence is palpable through the high-energy tracks that make up this EP. Not only is The Makk Tape an excellent work, it is a reminder that life is a gift. Grief is a journey that creates new paths for our lives, and allows us to express our loved one’s spirit in even the simplest of our actions. A friend’s quote on grieving resonates: “Remember that love is a form of energy that transforms and transfers and will return to you!” 

Rest easy, Makk.

You can listen to The Makk Tape on Soundcloud and Spotify, and purchase it on iTunes.

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