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PressPlay Mixes #019: So Durand

So Durand is a producer and DJ residing in Canada, and he’s about to be one of your new must-listen artists. His skills on the decks are unparalleled – he’s played with everyone from Hudson Mohawke to Cashmere CatHe’s got incredible production that rivals his beatmatching prowess, creating tunes that defy genre and experiment with new sonic textures.

We’re pleased to have him create our 19th (!!!) guest mix, with a taste of his upcoming EP scattered throughout. So Durand’s new single, “Buttdial”, is coming even sooner, so lock in and listen to the dark, minimalist club mix to get ready.

Hey! Thanks for making our August mix – how’d you get inspired?

As far as inspiration for this mix, it was mostly tunes that I am currently feeling. Quick mixes and a mixture of joints in or around that club music realm; sort of what you’d get if I was playing a live set.

What led you to DJing? Did you have a mentor that helped you, or did you teach yourself?

I got into DJing because I was given an opportunity to play, so I quickly taught myself. Given my time spent producing, I already understood the elements of a song structure therefore the adjustment wasn’t too hard. However, I still see myself as a producer over DJ every day of the week.

What gear do you use when producing? What about DJing?

For producing purposes I used a 27′ iMac with a Apogee Duet interface, some KRK’s monitors, Audio-Technica ATH M50 headphones and a Akai MPK25 controlllaaaaaa (Drake voice)… I also have a few microphones that I never touch. For DJ’ing I prefer to use CDJ’s 2000 with a DJM 900 when available.

Who’s been your favorite artist to play with and why?

My favourite artist to play with would have to be Nadus, simply because of how down to earth he was and obviously because he’s so tough at playing club tings. He’s also probably one of my favourite producers too.

Where do you see electronic music evolving next? Are there any genres we should be listening out for?

To be honest I’ve stopped focusing on electronic music as a whole and I’ve rather just been paying attention to the specific scenes of club music. I think theres a lot of interesting dark, minimalistic & ethereal club being made and I am really into that – the mix can testify! 🙂

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