Premiere: “Set Me Free” – WNWD

“Set Me Free” is a moody, psychedelic house tune from Florida trio WNWD, and we’re thrilled to be premiering it on WeArePressPlay. Listen to the track here, and read our interview below.

Set Me Free from WNWD on Vimeo.

Hey guys! So glad to be premiering your newest track, “Set Me Free”. Would you mind telling our readers a little more about yourselves?

We’re a three piece out of Miami, Florida. We produce and play together live. We’ve been working together for about three years and have been releasing music for about a year now.

As producers, what do you see emerging as creative trends for the near future in electronic music? What do you think are influencers of those trends?

I honestly see live recordings (real drums, guitar, etc) making a comeback. I feel like more and more people are looking for organic and real instruments, something the three of us are very familiar with. We’ve played in bands all of our lives and definitely feel the aspect of human touch and organic feel is something people crave.

What’s the strangest sound you’ve ever used in a song?

We like to use a lot of long trail delays and reverbs that sound haunting. We’re really into creating a subconscious psychedelic feel in our music.

Is there any advice you’d give to other up-and-coming producers?

Put yourself around people working hard and that are great at what they do. You’ll constantly be inspired and learn things quicker than you thought you would.

Keep up with WNWD on Soundcloud.

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