Essentials: “Wanted To Want It Too” – C Duncan

This week, Glasgow’s very own C Duncan treated fans to sophomore-album details and new music in the form of “Wanted To Want It Too“.

It’s been a busy 12 months for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduate. After releasing his debut album, Architect, in July last year to critical and Mercury Prize-nominated acclaim, the FatCat Records-artist embarked on a UK-wide tour with festival spots all over Europe following.

This week Duncan announced that his forthcoming LP, The Midnight Sun, will be released on October 7thand, as with Architect, the album’s artwork will be illustrated by Duncan himself.

The announcement arrived hand-in-hand with new track “Wanted To Want It Too”. The song picks up where his four-track EP, released in February, left off and shares many thematic components that made Architect such a memorable LP.

The oxygenated vocals are still there, bubbling to the surface of the track, as are the swirling chords and meticulous attention to structure. However, there is something altogether different about this sound. Gone is the organic-evolution that grew inside every track on Architect, and in its place an altogether more mechanical, more electronic, texture has taken hold.

In “Wanted To Want It Too” we experience syncopated synths, a metronomic drum beat at 80bpm, and sustained chords that take flight. As with previous releases these layers are combined in a large space so that the composition breathes and grows over the track’s duration of 4 minutes.

“Wanted To Want It Too” represents an intriguing new sound, one that balances the subtleties of Duncan’s previous work with the harsher, as-of-yet uncharted, territory of electronic music.

An extremely prodigious talent, it’s about time the world took notice of C Duncan. The Midnight Sun might just be the LP to make the leap.

The Midnight Sun is released October 7th on FatCat Records. You can pre-order it here.

Check out C Duncan’s tour dates to catch him live this summer.

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