Watch Conor Maynard’s Supersized “Controlla” Mashup

Brighton vocalist Conor Maynard takes on Drizzy‘s sleeper hit, “Controlla”, and infuses it with covers of some of modern R&B’s finest offerings in his latest video. Maynard’s breathy timbre revives staples like Blu Cantrell‘s “Breathe” and R. Kelly‘s “Ignition (Remix)”, and brings back some potentially forgotten favorites by Mario and Ne-Yo as he fits as many songs over that unmistakable beat. After releasing his “Panda” cover (which received over 13 million views on Facebook), Maynard’s finally getting some of the attention he deserves. I’m hoping that this video thrusts him into the international spotlight as an major R&B sensation – his voice is absolutely gorgeous. It’s time to get Chris Brown off the airwaves, guys. Conor’s doing it better.

If you missed his single with Ne-Yo from a few years ago, check it out and you’ll see why this dude is one we should all be keeping our ears out for.

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