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PressPlaylist: Dot Gives Us Some “Breathing Room”

As the founder and CEO of all-female record label Unspeakable Records, vocalist, and producer, TeamSupreme collective member Dot has a lot to balance. In between her many roles and a recent EP release, the Los Angeles based producer finds time to practice meditation. Here, she shares her PressPlaylist, titled “Breathing Room”, for her practice – read on for Dot’s words on her selections, and give the laid-back tracks a listen.

“Breathing Room” is a playlist I created for clearing the mind and getting grounded. Life as an artist, label-owner, and teacher requires me to juggle a huge range of tasks and responsibilities on the daily, so it’s essential to set aside time for meditation and relaxation in order to keep my focus (and sanity). I hope this music brings you some clarity and peace of mind!

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