Essentials: “Andre” – Samuel Proffitt and Josh Jacobson

NYC’s churning out some great music right now – earlier this month, we saw new releases from Aire Atlantica and Nick AM, and now it’s time to bring your attention to the incredibly talented Samuel Proffitt and Josh Jacobson. While only Josh resides in New York, the pairing of Russian producer Proffitt and producer/vocalist Jacobson emphasizes both their ethereal styles and attention to detail. Jacobson’s effortless falsetto plays up Proffitt’s contemplative arrangement, embedded with understated somber tones and delicate melodies. The story behind “Andre” gives the lyrics even more weight; you can read Proffitt’s explanation here.

Listen now, and download free for a limited time. Keep up with Josh Jacobson and Samuel Proffitt on Soundcloud.

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