Essentials: “All That’s Left (Nick AM Remix)” – Manila Killa feat. Joni Fatora

“Sparse” is a word that’s all too often overused when describing techno music. So is “minimal”. The way I’d characterize Nick AM‘s production is… selective. No sound is used without a purpose in his music, and when you listen to his remix of Manila Killa‘s “All That’s Left”, you can hear the way that his thoughtful creativity shapes his style. The echoes of Joni Fatora‘s wispy voice bring a haunting transience to the rooted sound of intricate, warped synths and a palpably persistent bassline, giving his remix a melancholy allure. But who better to sum the song up than the New York producer himself? Nick tags the track on Soundcloud as “bitter sweet”, an appropriate description for his introspective reworking.

Listen to Nick AM on Soundcloud.

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