Watch Drake Parody His Meek Mill Beef On SNL

Drake returned to Saturday Night Live as a second-time host and third-time musical guest, and he had some pretty golden moments. My favorite by far is the “Drake’s Beef” sketch – using the “Back to Back Freestyle” beat (in which he absolutely ethered Meek Mill), Drake hashes out even more of little things that piss him off. You have to watch.

For those not in the United States, you can watch more clips of the show below. However, if you’re in the US, the majority of the sketches can be found on Hulu, or you can stream the full episode on NBC. While he’s a talented artist, it’s fun to see Drake return to his acting roots. He’s charming with great comedic timing, and was able to spin some of the show’s weaker material into laugh-worthy stuff, all while rocking some questionable wigs.

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