EP Review: Petit Biscuit EP – Petit Biscuit

Just in time for the approach of summer, French producer Petit Biscuit has released his premier EP. If you like Odesza and Gold Panda or are looking for new songs to add to your beach playlist, his fusion of alternative acoustic and chillwave is likely to satisfy. His tropic sound is ideal for warm nights of tequila and chat while lounging on a porch – at least that’s what I’ll likely be doing.

His single from 2015 “Sunset Lover” remains the stand-out of the EP. I was hooked from the first guitar melody and knew it was going to get a lot of replays. It combines a catchy beat with chill vibes, and the rhythmically chopped vocals are bound to entrance.

“Full Moon” is a rather close second. The opening upper octave chimes and reverberating bass line – which took me right back to Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” – establish a wide ranging soundscape that continuously expands as the song progresses. As you follow the echoing melodies you’ll find yourself lost in an far-reaching reflective void.

The other tracks provide a nice amount of variety and creative exploration. Songs flow between cheerful and sombre, relaxed and excited.  “Iceland” jumps from upbeat to lovely Friendzone-level melancholia and then back again. “Jungle” combines vintage arcade Galactica synths with vocals reminiscent of Miki Higashi’s Celtic-inspired compositions.

While none of the tracks miss the mark, the others can’t quite reach “Sunset Lover” and “Full Moon”, but I believe that was intentional. “Once Again” establishes the day cycle as its central theme, day, night, sunrise and sunset. The EP rises, peaks, rests and emphasises the beauty of those most transitionary phases.

You can find ways to listen to the entire EP here and purchase on iTunes. You can also check out Petit Biscuit’s Soundcloud for his other tracks.

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