Chicago Giveaway: Pair of Tickets to Moderat, Telefon Tel Aviv, and Abstract Science DJs @ Concord Music Hall

Hey Chicago friends, we wanted to thank the tangent of you that have been tuning in and putting us on to some cool stuff. React Presents, Concord Music Hall, and PressPlay have teamed up to provide you and a friend with free entry to Moderat and company on Saturday, May 21st.

All you gotta do is click here and enter your email. 

Because we’re some of the last people on the internet that are cool like that, we promise not to share your emails for nefarious plots or personal gains. We just wanna give away some tickets to a dope show. Happy birthday everyone.

Rules are like this: One winner will be picked at random, who will get BOTH tickets. By entering, you affirm that you’re aged 18+ and eligible to receive the tickets. We’ll pick a winner on Monday, May 16th at 9AM CDT.

If you’ve won, we’ll notify you by email, and you’ll have 24 hours to accept before we pick a runner-up. Once we confirm a winner, we’ll notify everyone else. A pair of you have one of the dopest nights ever on us, and hopefully everyone else comes out anyway, because it’s nice out and this will be a cool time. You can grab tickets here.

In the meanwhile, get your robot ears primed with some powerful selections from Moderat’s recent catalogue.

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