Essentials: “Pay For What (Alexander Lewis Trombone Flip)” – Mr. Carmack

One of the proprietors of the Soundcloud beat producer movement, Mr. Carmack‘s style is simplistic and brazen, characterized by his knack for strong percussion and guttural bass. Enter Alexander Lewis, whose sound can be best be described as “adventurous”. His flip on Carmack’s “Pay For What” takes his trombone skills, heard in many of his own productions or collaborations with fellow New Yorkers Brasstracks, and snakes them through the stadium-filling trap anthem. The end result is a track that’s worthy of an NBA highlight reel – exciting, dramatic, and bold. Alexander Lewis’s remix of Mr. Carmack symbolizes the impact that the Team Supreme beat maker has had on his peers, and how imaginative artists such as Lewis will continue to expound on that innovation.

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